I went into the Kagoshima Navy Flight Corps on August 1, 1943. Here, basic training as a flight soldier was received. Basic training. We moved to the Yatabe Navy Flight Corps on March 25, 1944. Here, we received flight training using the middle training airplane. The middle training plane model 93. We are transferred to Hiyakurihara Navy Flight Corps on July 29, 1944. Here, we received flight training of a torpedo attack and bombing using the attack plane. The attack plane model 97 type 1. We ended all training on December 25, 1944. I was assigned to the 903rd Navy Flight Corps. The 903rd Navy Flight Corps's duty was to search and attack submarines. We guarded transport ships. I worked as an operation member of an attack plane. The attack plane model Tenzan type 12. I was transferred to the Ooi Navy Flight Corps from the 903rd Navy Flight Corps. in March, 1945. The Ooi Navy Flight Corps was a training Flight Corps. Therefore, I was chosen as the instructor and started for its new assignment. Here, the training airplane was loaded with the bomb and we were given training in combat collision tactics. The training plane model Siragiku. Since this airplane had a relatively slow speed, daytime attacks were difficult. Therefore, we were given training in night attacks. The Tokushima Navy Flight Corps and the Kochi Navy Flight Corps carried out attacks in Okinawa with the some training airplane. However, before I saw any combat the war ended. Our class had a 30% mortality rate. I published several books about Kamikazes. My purpose in writing those books is to provide some unique insights into the Kamikaze mystic and history to make them available to the rest of the world. Those fact-based books are the result of my first hand war experiences along with interviews of families of many Kamikaze pilots. "The miracle did not come again".(1991-12-8)
"The wings of no return".(1994-9-10)
"Kamikaze by Siragiku".(1997-8-15)
"Wings disappeared to a blue sky".(2001-2-11)
"Kamikaze by Siragiku" a pocket book. (2002-10-10)
These were summarized and the home page was opened in May, 2001. It is the top's "Wings disappeared to a blue sky". I would like to translate these words into English and make them available on the web site soon. (Start is 2003-3-3)