Letter written before dying

We the soldiers were not able to send a letter freely, either. All the letters were checked by the officer. It was the purpose which keeps a naval secret. Therefore, before dying, the letter sent to a family was also restricted. Therefore, as for these letters, only a few remains. Furthermore, not real intention but the principle was written to this letter by this character. Because, sending it to a family was refused. When truth is written to the character. Moreover, the soldier was not able to write a diary usually. That was not because it is busy, but was because it is check by the officer. The Kamikaze was composed, but even if died and faced, the life of a soldier did not change. The last letter written before a sortie is not free. Therefore, it hid in the officer, cooperation of residents was obtained, and it sent to the family. I thought that I also wanted to tell parents about death being near. Therefore, the code was considered. It is the word of "returning at the Bon Festival." Moreover, it was sent from the lodging house. Check of an officer was not undergone. The father came to understand the meaning of this code and to meet me. From distant Kyushu. I passed the last night with the father. It is the second floor of lodgings. And good-bye of the last was said in the next morning.       It is the talk heard after the war. When a certain classmate moved to a sortie base from a training base, he separated from the formation, without obtaining consent. And he flew toward the empty of a hometown. Moreover, he dropped the letter of the last wrapped in the scarf. From the house top of itself. Furthermore, a certain classmate approached, knew death and carried the character which wrote the idea of the last thing to the post office, without being of an officer checked. And he requested the post office member and made a letter send to a family. He has no address of a unit.It is because he cannot receive a reply even if it writes a unit's name. Although this act was forbidden under the rule of a post office, the member of a post office sympathize with him.   Therefore, especially the resident and post office member near the sortie base accepted the request to an attack member. those talking it was left behind mostly. The feeling of gratitude to those who offer a life for a country would make it do so. I want to reflect on war. It is reading a few letters of these last, and hearing a family's left-behind sadness. (Translation March 11, 2003)