My life was only 17 years

   Testament. 17 times of spring and autumn were spent. What passed away is what sure enough. It is a view the crescent which floats in the empty of dark indigo when young. Please give me what.  The Empire with the history for 3000 long years also continues now. That time came at last. It is a time of devote oneself to the Empire.   Mr. Migita was already killed in war. Moreover, Mr. Majima also passed away in Okinawa. We became the member of "kamikaze" following you. Today.   There is no honor beyond this as a military man. When fighting for a country, it will be lost if it passes over today.    I die in order to keep 3000 years of history. I never do regret.   I sortie bravely. Break the best friend back. It broke up in the sky in Ryukyu. A grave is not needed for one piece of burying the bone of me. I become the soul and protect a homeland. Even if the body disappears like smoke on a HOKUBOO mountain.  God of a heavens top and a world. Please protect my airplane.   There is an old proverb. "If there is a belief, an arrow will be stuck in stone." Therefore, there is no enemy ship not sinking. Such an act is encouraged. The young eagle was sent to the cherry blossom. The sortie. Majesty the Emperor "BANZAI". Imperial navies "BANZAI". At the end, it apologizes. The actual result was lacking to the obligation of the Empire. Moreover, I appreciate from the bottom of the heart. Receive parents, teacher, besides military instructor who brought me up.      Hiyakurihara flight corps. Kamikaze party. Patty Offacker First Class. Norio Itoo.
   Poetry which the dead left.       I fall up and go. Spring should pass away. However, always having the heart was continued happily. 
We received training, looking at Sakurajima. And it is seen off by the smoke of Sakurajima, and breaks up and goes.
Mr. Norio Ito's Testament. The mother wrote out a fair copy. 
Mr. Ito was born in the Ooitaken Minami Umibe Kamikatada village. It was on November 14, 1927. August 1, 1943. The Kagoshima fliht corps was joined the 12th team navy basic fliht trainee. He received severe training for eight months here. While looking at the grand figure of Sakurajima. And the airplane was taken for the first time here. March, 1944. It graduated from basic training and was transferred to Shanghai flight corps. Here, training which takes an airplane was performed. It graduated from flight training in September, 1944. And Tainan flight corps was assigned. Here, training as a reconnaissance member of a bomber was started.
       Mr. Norio Itoo.
Mr. Itoo had a literary talent and he had the knowledge of Chinese poetry. He said to the friend. I want to become a novelist in the future. 佐伯中学時代から、 詩や小説などをたくさん書き残している。 Many poetry and novels written by him remain. It is written to its Saeki junior high school period. One poetry is introduced out of the remaining work. This is written before joining a flight corps.
Firefly. (June 19, 1943. With Nizou. Nobuo.) It went to the shade of a tree of the near willow of a river. While stepping on the grass was wet with dew. A firefly which is seen in a dream was flowing in the dark moonless night. While a firefly turns on or erases a light. And it flows and goes to the darker one there. A firefly it has only a thin light! Where do you go? It wanders about, while my heart also wavers. Be the same as that firefly. Up to the place where I feel at ease. It is the house in which a dear person lives.
December, 1944. Mr. Ito who had received training of a bomber in Tainan flight corps returned to the inland. It was transferred to 721 flight corps. (Koonoike air base). Furthermore, March, 1945. It was transferred to Hiyakurihara flight corps. The Okinawa invasion strategy of the U.S. Forces started. And "kamikaze" was composed of Hiyakurihara flight corps. He was chosen and became the member of the "No2 SEITOO Kamikaze party." They marched out to the Kokubu air base in Kagoshima. It was in April of full bloom of the cherry blossom. After leaving Kagoshima flight corps where they received basic training, it had passed over it for one year. Sakurajima at which they returned to Kagoshima and it looked and which is sending out smoke became the last view in this world. In response to the send-off of the whole personnel, the cockpit of the sortie by the Kokubu air base of late spring and bombers model 99 was decorated with the cherry blossom. Mr. Ito put a mother's photograph into the pocket of a breast, and he sortied. The time of the last moment came to the him at last. "From now on, I bodily crush attack. The Emperor Majesty BANZAI." His feeling which sent the telegram of this separation cannot be imagined. Then, the key was pressed down and "TSU ―――――" and the continuation length mark were sent. The time of this transmission finishing is the moment of his death. It was April 28, 1945 7:00 p.m. They were 17 years old.
 The certificate of a decoration to Mr. Noio Itoo.
"Migita was already killed in war ----". It is written in the Testament. This is Mr. Migita who belonged to the first attack flight group of 601 flight corps. Mr. Migita is the birth of Usa-gun, Ooita. in Kagoshima flight corps, it belongs to 6th groups of the 24th squadron as him training was received. Next, the same training was received also in Shanghai flight corps. As the flight trainee of a reconnaissance member speciality. April 17 0700, 1945. Petty Officer 2nd class Migita sortied the Kokubu air base. It gets into bombers model Suisei as the commander of the "No3 MITATE Kamikaze party", and a reconnaissance member of Lieutenant junior grade Amagai. They delivered "A bodily crush attack" to an enemy's fleet. It was direction 155 Kikai islands and near 80 nautical mile.
  While knowing that a migratory bird cannot return to a nest, The letter was written.  This letter is the final writing of reason Mr. Migita addressed to the family on the previous day when it sorties.

 The 6th group of the 24nd squadron.   Mr. Itoo [the 2nd person from the left of before to the 3rd row]. Mr. Migita [the center in the back row]. Mr. Yamaguchi [a back row right end].
Mr. Norio Itoo's Testament reached the house. It was on April 23, 1945. This letter dispatch-origin was describing it as "the Hinatayama post office and Norio Itoo" instead of a flight corps. However, it was a thing on October 11, 1945 that the notice of a formal battle casualty arrived. After war ended, it had passed over two months.

       Mr. Norio Itoo's Requiem.