Sadness of Bereaved Families This section is still in the process of being translated to English.

Sadness of Bereaved Families

This section has stories related to the families of kamikaze pilots who died in the war. The deep sorrow felt by the families is shown in the following words of one grieving father, "If someone could have taken his place, I would have died instead of him. I wanted my son to live a long life." Several of the stories include letters written by the pilots.

* - Translated by Mr. Bill Gordon
1. Letter written before dying

2. * His Spirit Returns to His Mother

3. Star is my grave tablet

4. * A Young Eagle's Song

5. * 22nd Squadron, 5th Section

6. * To Hometown Skies

7. My life was only 17 years

8. * Final Duty to His Parents

9. * I Do Not Yet Want to Die!

10. * Bravely

11. * Connecting Threads

12. Loyalty remains eternally

13. * Sorties by Torpedo Attack Corps

14. Kushira was a kamikaze sortie's base.

15. * Reunion of 37th Hyakurigahara Class

16. * White Wooden Box

17. * Hopes of Bereaved Families

18. * My Mother